I feel the reason why we should win, is because we have been both looking for love for half our lives. We both have never been married before. We met on August 10, 2019, by August 12, 2019 we both were telling each other we were in love. This was on our first date, which we went to roadhouse for dinner and went the Marina to just talk while the sun set. We would facetime each other every night. He would call me back after hanging up, just to say he love me again. He has full custody of his 10 year old daughter. We both like each other at first meeting. His is disable and hasn't worked since 2008. His is on SSID, he the primary care giver for his daughter these last 5 years. I'm aLPN nurse, but is going to school for my RN. So money is tight. He asked me to marry him on November 1st, 2019. We want to desperately get married August 8, 2020 near the date we met each. This would make our dreams come true. We would have to have small wedding and not be able to invite all our loves.