I wholeheartedly believe my fiancee and I deserve this dream wedding. I won’t just say we deserve this wedding I’ll tell u why… I was a single mom of 4 kids ( who are now adults) and I went from Nursing to welfare when I broke my back at work, a patient fell on me and it caused my daughter Alisha’s death ( I was near the end of my pregnancy) My kids would complain about not having enough food or nice clothing ( like most kids) so I always told them to be grateful because some people are homeless. They couldn’t relate so I would drive them to downtown Buffalo so they can see we don’t have it that bad. Years later I started an organization called We R Buffalo Strong to feed and clothe our homeless men women children and veterans. 7 years later and over 8,300 people fed and clothe .. One day I decided to arrange haircuts for our homeless, several businesses turned me down in Buffalo and then someone on Facebook tagged a barber from Lockport who never heard of me or my organization and he immediately said yes.. He began to volunteer with my organization and he still cuts the heads for our homeless community. A year later he propose and the rest is history! He dedicates his spare time going into high schools and hair schools to speak to our youths about chasing their dreams and not sucuming to peer pressure. I believe we are soulmates and we deserve this dream wedding. We give so much of ourselves to others, I’ve won quite a few awards for my dedication to the homeless community (2017 Humanitarian for NYS, 2019’s American Red Cross Real Hero, and I’ll be receiving 2020’s Women Touching The World Award on 3/21/20) so this wedding will be for me… This will be my first (and last) wedding please help make it memorable experience for 2 people who are madly in love ..