We met in AZ during a job interview in which she ended up offering me the position. Sadly I had to turn the offer down because unforseen circumstances would force me to move 2300 miles across the country. You see, during that same time the state of Pennsylvania was contacting me to notify me they had a little boy in their custody and I was named as the potential father. After months of home evaluations, court hearings and my world being flipped on its axis, I was a now a single father to a 4 year old little boy and life had become unrecognizable. Knowing my situation, She reached out to wish my son and I the best of luck. I reached back to thank her. More than a year later we continue to reach. Only now it's for our future together. In 7 months (nearly 2 years later) my son and I return to AZ. Long distance has the ability to kill a relationship or reveal it. The last year and 2300 miles has revealed the most incredible, humbling, breath stealing experiences of my life. She doesn't know I'm submitting this. But to share our love and story with the world would forever make her smile and to me, that's the win. To be able to afford the wedding this woman is worthy of is one thing. But to share our story and it be heart felt and help others out who may be going through their own struggles is another. Help me give her this gift and follow our amazing story. Cheers.