We believe that we should win for many reasons. We have been through a lot together, including being left behind by immediate family due to our parents not getting along in the past. We started from the bottom with just about nothing and both found our ways into good jobs and now have a very successful life together. Jake proposed to me during our song at our favorite band’s show. I expected that in June when we seen them in Virginia but he didn’t and yes I was a little disappointed. But when they added an extra tour date and it ended up being in Buffalo and Jake decided to propose at that show I had no idea whatsoever. He bought me the most beautiful ring but it didn’t matter because I had said yes before I even seen it. We love each other unconditionally and trying to plan for this wedding has been very stressful. We just want to have our wedding at a beautiful venue such as Salvatore’s and get everyone together to have an amazing night.