Two Worlds Longing To Become One After all I had children,being close to death, with no significant other, no more than family. I felt alone, after all I felt alone, after all I had given up; being in a relationship that I thought I could save…. Based a upon trying to maintain what I thought was best for my family.but I came to realize that the only thing I could save was myself. So I turned to "GOD" in prayer walking down this road alone, going to the water as I set in tears so many questions trying to reasons with my creator.. What did I do to deserve such hard ache and pain,but than as I thought all hope was lost, I was sent someone who's spirt want through me. What a smile, and it only took a Wink of and Eye and a kind gesture. Can you help me… As I turned to say "yes" I am here to help you, my life was charged from that point on, meaning when you trust in the Lord and believing there is a "GOD" all hope is never lost….He came from Tennessee to take care of his mother ; I had left after that to Atlanta Georgia and money and job we did not have we didn't know how we were going to make it, sleeping outside… Going through it but we trusted in the Lord, believing in each other' "GOD" smiled a upon us. And here we are longing to be one in the Eyes of " GOD" to be Married.