Hello there we don’t have a fancy story. We’re 2 people who fell in love. I have never been married and for Doug this would be a second marriage for him. I wasn’t that girl that dreamed of weddings, nor do i have a book filled with things i dreamed of. I always believed that you would do that when you met a person and fell in love and ignited all that inside someone. Well it is exactly what i thought…it stirred it all up inside of me. We discussed something small since we are both a bit older, but as we made a list of people we realized its not so small. Very simply put we do not have the funds to throw a wedding. So we may just have the ceremony and no party. We are newly engaged on my 50th birthday on 12/22/19. It was a surprise and some of my family was there so it was a special night that i will always remember. It would be great to have a nice wedding…neither of us need anything too fancy. Simple can be sweet. Anyway i have a Pinterest page now of ideas i have been looking at! (Lol see it stirred it up). I am sure their are younger couples more worthy of this gift. Thanks for your time and consideration. Sincerely Doug’s Fiancé Sally