Michael & Micheele (M&M since summer of 2013) will have an awesome wedding. From broken, lower class families, we started are own family. Although we didnt come from great families, were creating and leaving a great family for future generations. We now have a son & daughter. No more lol. Earning minimum wage I (Michael) earned & saved $2k to buy a ring and i proposed in the summer of 2019 at the skylon tower restaurant. Absolutely wonderful place! 2 yrs ago we purchased a home for $18k in our hometown from our landlord in downtown Niagara falls Ny. Neighborhood sucks and is kind of dangerous. We jist enrolled in nursing classes together so we can start earning more than minimum wage after we complete the program. Soon we will move to a safer neighborhood and soon we will have an awsome wedding, and I know this because we are the tupe of people that create results; hard work and integrity. Faith and sacrifice. We create results, not excuses. With Salvators giveaway, if chosen, it will catapult our plans & our families life to our next milestone, our next level, our new beginning in another journey. Major catapult to something that is going to happen regardless, either as a result of good fortune and extraordinary luck, or of the qualities listed above. We will win with achieving our dreams and goals. With your help, we will win faster, and add your contributions to our story. Thank you.