As the only girl in a family of 7 getting married was always a dream. Once I hit 30 I thought all hope was lost considering I promised myself to marry a man who was also my best friend, and I couldn't find him. At 29 I found HIM! As our friendship grew into love and 3 years later the question was popped and the answer was YES! Following our engagement 3 other siblings in his family also got engaged and planning weddings. My father was my best friend when he died, and it was always his dream to give me the wedding of my dreams, however he never got the chance. With all the weddings around me being planned I've lost alot of the desire to plan mine due to limited financial aid, and the other future in-law weddings in the works. I would love nothing more than to have the wedding my father and I always dreamed of, and this would make both our dreams come true! I'm not picky and would be content with nothing more than a court house wedding, but hey a girl can dream. When you have already found your dream husband to be… what's the harm in crossing for fingers for an otherwise impossible dream wedding!!! Good luck to all the other entries, I can smile at the thought that someone will receive this amazing giveaway!!!