Chris and I are modest, hard-working and totally twitterpated! I met Chris shortly after a life-altering accident that kept me out of my non-profit work for several months. Despite surgeries and limited mobility, Chris was the modern day Prince Charming in his care for me. Throughout all the pain and turmoil he continues to stand by my side, even when I cannot physically stand. I have limited mobility, at times, but am the eternal optimist and do my best to serve the WNY community, including the homeless, uninsured and the underserved at Neighborhood Health Center where I work. My medical bills have taken centerstage and saving for our wedding has taken a backseat unfortunately. Chris and I would be so honored and blessed to win because we have very little, in terms of our finances, but are rich in love and spirit! We lift each other up, and my darling Christopher quite literally lifts me out of bed when I cannot move my neck or back. Every morning he carries my work bag and purse to my car; Chris is the ultimate gentleman. He is my everything and I want to, in turn, give him everything for our special day! Our dream is to marry in 2020 and to commemorate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary by getting married on the same day (40 years later). As one of 7 children, growing up on a small vegetable farm in Niagara County, their love and selflessness is a testament to the hard work and perseverance necessary to make a marriage last a lifetime. While their love for us runs deep they are not able to contribute to our wedding financially. Chris and I would be elated to be chosen as winners! Please consider us to win. We would be eternally grateful to have the financial ability to tie the knot in style! Thank you for hosting this contest and please vote for us!