I met my fiancé back in 2016 for a work trip in Cancun. I am from Michigan and he loved his whole life in Buffalo. I decided to attend nursing school in Buffalo and see where this relationship takes me. I lost my mother figure half way through nursing school while living in buffalo and my fiancé was there for me through it all. He proposed this past year and it makes me think that every struggle we had along the way was worth it. I think we should win because we beat all odds. We dated long distance for months and then I moved away from family, attended nursing school while working full time. He is literally my best friend and I know I made all the right choices being here with him today. One of our favorite date nights is actually at Salvatore’s. We normally will come on a Friday night and sit at the chandelier bar and talk to our all time favorite bartender (Nick Bochicchio). He always makes these amazing drinks that are to die for. Buffalo has officially become my home and I could not be more excited about the future.