We should win because It would mean the world to us! We met through a mutual friend back in 2007, after a few times hanging out with a group of friends we decided to hang out with only the 2 of us…There was just this unexplainable connection between us & with one look amongst each other, it was obvious that we both felt it. After 2 years of being “friends” we decided that our hearts were really made for one another && even though my son was young knowing how he felt about her & I was very important to us both. Thankfully he really adored his “Simmy” they really were 2 peas in a pod. In 2009 we became a family ❤️ Although there was many obstacles, we didn’t let nobody or nothing come between our happiness. In the Fall of 2012 Kimi asked me to be her wife && of course I was absolutely ecstatic && so was my son & little sister. Over the years life happened & without really knowing how to plan a wedding we just stopped, it really takes so much to plan for your special day, we both became extremely overwhelmed. But Sadly as time went on we lost some very important family members & it made things a little more difficult. In due time we let our hearts mend & together helped each other heal. That’s when we decided that we wanted to do something very important before the wedding, as that process continues we have been saving for the wedding of our absolute dreams. It’s so crazy that this October will be 12 incredible years with such an amazing partner! We both are so lucky to have this unbreakable bond that over years just gets that much stronger!