Hello my name is Katie and I found the man of my dreams almost 7 years ago. I have been through 2 very domestic violence relationships that I’m so grateful I survived. I lost my dad 17 years ago and won’t be able to have him walk me down the isle. I have asked my uncle Rick who is the next best thing to my dad, but has recently found out he had colon cancer, which is what took my dads life. He had surgery for that and now got diagnosed with an aggressive bladder cancer. When I was a little girl my dad always told me I was a princess and to never let anyone tell me different. He was my everything and I lost him. I would like to get married to the man that treats me like a queen and my daughter a princess but I would really like my uncle to be around to walk me down the isle and make my wedding such a memorable day and my dad proud. Thank you for taking the time to read this.