I think we should win because: On August 24th 2019 me and my soon to be husband had our day all planned out. An on August 1st 2019 he had a sudden illness come up! We had everything all set to go and he had a aneurysm rupture putting him in the hospital for 2 weeks & 2 days. While he was in the hospital i had to start canceling all that we had planned, i was devastated, but his health is/was much more important to go through with our plans at that moment. After he was released from the hospital it took us a little while for him to settle in. As our day approached us our pastor & officiant asked him if he still wanted to go through and keep the same date there just wouldn't be the wedding that we planned there was no wedding cake, no first dance,not all our family or friends that we wanted to be there. So we plan on re-newing our vows August 2020 and winning this would be the topping on the cake.