I first met my fiancé when we were in the 8th grade. He was my first boyfriend and first love. We dated for 3 years. After high school I joined the Army active duty and had to say goodbye to him. I served 10 years on active duty and 1 deployment. We lost contact with each other throughout those years but he stayed in contact with my parents and visited them often, asking about me and my life so many miles away. His heart and mine still belonged to one other but our lives went separate ways. In 2016 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and I was granted a compassionate reassignment back to New York so I could be with her. Sadly she lost her battle with cancer within 3 weeks of me getting to NY. The biggest tragedy in my life brought mine and Josean’s paths back together. He was finally back in my life after so many years apart. He was there for the funeral, having to go through her things at the house, packing, cleaning, and just being there to hold my hand through it all. The silver lining of one of the hardest moments in my life brought my true love back to me. I decided to get off active duty and took a position with the New York National Guard in Dunkirk so I could rebuild my life back home with him. We have been together since then and in 2018 he proposed to me at Salvatores Restaurant on September 11th (which is my birthday) outside at the veteran Memorial tribute. We are also now pregnant with our first child together, a son Giovanni who is due on Valentine’s Day 2020. Winning the wedding money would be something beyond amazing for us. We are each other’s soul mate and I wish nothing more than to marry the man who became my true love in the 8th grade.