Words cannot describe how we would feel if we were the chosen ones! It would be a dream come true. With all the chaos in today's world it would be lovely to live in a dream for one day! I'm sure everyone has a fantastic story on why they should win, im sure theres many deserving people out there. Well this is a sneak peek into our lives…we are a blended family. We have a son together who is 3yrs old. I have 2 children from a previous relationship he has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship. We sure have had our ups and downs. We met through my son's barber, when I met Donald my daughter was soon placed in a psychiatric hospital for five months. With her absent father not around he supported me every step of the way from driving up to west Seneca in the snow to holding me at night when I cried. He has been there for both of my children while their fathers were non existent. He has taken the role of dad. He takes my son for haircuts, boxing you name it he would do anything for our family. When our son was born he was deaf and is learning to speak through going to school and therapy. Donald is a wonderful dad and went to all of our sons doctor appointments. I never thought I would ever meet a man like him it sure took me long enough.right now we are trying to raise our credit scores to buy a home. We wanted to make stability for our family instead of constantly renting and having to move. We would love love to have that dream wedding and feel like king's and queens for a day! The only thing that stops us from getting married is the money aspect. Please consider our family for this amazing giveaway!! We would truly appreciate every penny.Out of the darkness of the world there is always that ray of sunshine trying to peek through.