We aren't the typical couple, by any definition. We both grew up on Grand Island. Many years apart. We first met over 20 years ago and our paths did many, many trails crisscrosses over the years untill 5 years ago. The truth is neither of us thought of anything more than friendship. We both had been through so much over time and we both just wanted, and finally deserved happiness. Not honestly considering the other as the life partnership to happiness. ..thank God, sometimes the heart knows when, where,and who, before the brain and the rest of the world can sabotage the real thing. Happiness comes from respect, trust, loyalty, and true love. We've become a blended family with my 3 children and now 3 grand children and his young daughter. We somehow have made our love and our family pointing continued towards the happily ever after fairytale ending. This hasn't been the easiest road together. Legal issues, extended family issues, road blocks, tight ropes, and all the hoop jumping we've been waiting finally to end, one of my daughters got into some legal trouble and was addicted to heroin, (nearly 2 years clean and sober now!!🥰), throwing our lives into one tail spin after another. And we decided to take in her 2 smalls babiesand raise them as our own. We came together and didn't let anything break us down. Our love has grown so strong. We accept and respect each other and our strengths, our,weaknesses, all our own faults as well as our childrens. Together were unbreakable. We only want to make our family whole. With a celebration of this love with the world. Even thoses who foolishly continue to bet against us. We have a saying, that we aren't step, we aren't half, we're just family! We came all together once again to help with our family business after Timmy's great grandma Olga Fachko, owner, as well as the heart and life of Fachko's Restaurant and Lounge, since 1959, become too advanced in age and couldn't take care of her guests, friends, and business any longer. Unfortunately after the passing of our beloved"Aunt Ollie", the business and property were taken away from us and with it our only source of income, and our original hope of venue choice. Being married in the social club, the family roots dating back to the roaring 20's in the Lovejoy section of Buffalo, was taken away from us. My birthday in February this year I'll be 49, and the 1st anniversary of our devastating loss of not only the family business, the family matriarch, the woman that at 98years young, still believed in love, family and forgiveness. 1 year ago and we have been fighting to keep our family a float and winning this giveaway would help us back into the right direction to show our children that love conquers all and just because some shit happens, life happens! It doesn't mean that you give up! Happily ever after isn't just in the movies and fairytales. Dreams do come true. We're loving, living proof of just that!!