After talking on the phone and video chatting for weeks, Colleen and Scott’s first “date” was Thanksgiving dinner with Colleen’s entire family. Some may find that strange, but Scott wasn’t afraid of a challenge. Colleen’s family was very protective of her, as she was a single mother of little twin girls, Elizabeth and Fiona. Scott fell in love with Colleen, Lizzy, and Fiona at the same time and became the “daddy that chose me.” Colleen’s friends and family were so thrilled that she had partnered with someone who was truly a gentleman and cared for her girls as much as he cared for her. Scott’s friends and family were also elated because Scott was finally with “a woman who deserves him.” That was over three years ago and Colleen has recently started working as a Registered Nurse after Scott supported the family while she was in nursing school. They were fortunate to move into their first home and now they are taking the final step to join the family together and getting married. The couple would like a celebration that includes their gratitude to God and allows the children to play an important role. Most of all, they look forward to getting all of their family and friends that have supported them during their trials to now share in their joy out on the dance floor!