Brandon and I met in 2007, we were nineteen years old. We were only together a few short months before I became pregnant with our first child , a little girl. At that point we moved in together to raise our daughter. I was finishing my LPN program while pregnant and then moved onto a Registered Nursing program. We had another baby shortly after finishing RN school . Finally we were able to move into a better neighborhood to raise our little girls . Moving forward we now have four children, two girls and two boys , the youngest is not even a year old . Through the twelve years we have been together we have spent about six of the years with me working night shift 7p-7a and Brandon working days. With that schedule we hardly get to see each other. We have been through so much in our twelve year relationship . Brandon selflessly worked me though nursing school, and we both work so hard at work and home. We have talked about getting married through the years but with the finances needed for the kids it just hasn’t been something that has been able to happen. We have happily stood beside many of our friends and family members while they had their weddings, but it would be a dream come true to finally be the couple saying I DO.