As a couple we both have grown tremendously. Before we met , I struggled with severe endometriosis. Pain & female issues everyday of my life. I Had many surgeries ( DNC’S). I went through everyday struggles of being worried I wouldn’t be able to ever have children. When I met ryan , he changed me forever. He made me feel like I was/ am the only girl in the world. He would help me with my pain, be there for me, and help me every step of the way. We find the joy in life , with each other.. and when you know, you know.. so here’s a little story about our journey…. I had an ectopic pregnancy last April . After the ectopic pregnancy, I had the doctor go in and remove the endometriosis. As he stated that this was one of the most severe cases he said ever saw, three months later came our miracle baby. Our whole life changed. We couldn’t even believe i was pregnant, and the baby was safe. With each other we stood by each other’s sides , we held each other along the way. We have been through so much, but glad we are where we are. We are a tough couple, strong mentally & physically. Together nothing can tear us apart. We both work hard , and work for what we have. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with this man, and my baby girl to be my flower girl. Everything happens for a reason, and they both are MY reason ❤️ I cannot wait to walk down the isle, and watch my beautiful miracle walk down that isle as well. Meeting you ryan, was from my dad in heaven, he sent me a Real Winner, and no matter what , win or loose we will Always win because of what we have ❤️