Mike and I met in college where we were working towards becoming teachers. We chose to become teachers because we wanted to impact the lives of the people around us. We were very fortunate to get job offers as soon as we graduated from college. Mike is a 7th grade math teacher as well as a cross country and track coach. I am an 8th grade special education teacher. Through these roles we are able to encourage and motivate students every single day. It is so rewarding watching our students grow from the beginning of the year to the end. While this is an extremely rewarding experience, we are kept very busy with lesson planning, coaching, and continuing our education through our masters programs. When we moved to Northern New York, 5 hours away from family and friends, we took a leap of faith. We took a chance on a new town, new jobs, and each other. Our love helped us through this new adventure and we have grown stronger and closer through it all. We would love to get married in the Buffalo area, where I grew up, so that we can celebrate with all of our family and friends in a place that has a special meaning in my heart. It would mean the world to us to win this contest because we would be able to have a beautiful wedding day and invite all of our loved ones to celebrate the beginning of our new adventure together. With the use of this award, we would be able to have an easier time planning our dream wedding while keeping up with our busy schedules of teaching, coaching, and obtaining masters degrees.